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Privacy & Policy



In using Application SALMAFX service, Clients agree and will comply with "Application SALMAFX Terms and Conditions", as follows:


  1. Application SALMAFX is an application developed by SALMA MARKETS LLC ("SALMAFX ") to be used by the Clients to conduct transactions on trading platform.
  2. Application SALMAFX must be downloaded via Google Playstore (for Android device) or Appstore (for iOS-based devices).
  3. Username is a collection of characters or numbers or a combination of characters or numbers that is used as identity to log in and access Clients’ account;
  4. Password is a collection of characters or numbers or a combination of characters or numbers which is used as a password to access an account and is confidential.


The Clients can use Application SALMAFX to trade as provided by SALMAFX;

The Clients must fill in all data required for each transaction accurately and completely;

Margin and Other Payment

  1. The Client subscribes a sum of fund (Margin) to Segregated Account of Futures Broker as initial Margin and shall maintain the same as already stipulated;
  2. Pay fees necessary to deal with transaction namely transaction fee, tax, commission, and service fee, interest charge according to applicable rate, and other fees which can be accountable for in relation to transaction according to the mandate of the Client, or account fee of the Client

Implementation of Mandate

  1. Every mandate as conveyed by any Client or his/her proxy so appointed in writing by the Client, shall be considered lawful if accepted by the Futures Broker pursuant to the prevailing regulation, it could be in terms of written mandate signed by the Client or his/her proxy, mandate by phone as recorded, and/or mandate by other electronic transaction.
  2. Every mandate of the Client as accepted can be directly implemented to the extent that the Margin value available at his/her account is sufficient and execution thereof shall depend on condition and transaction as applicable which may result in difference in time toward implementation process of the said mandate. The client should know Margin position and open position before giving mandate to deal with the next transaction;
  3. Mandate of the Client can only be nullified and/or revised if transaction of the said mandate is not yet made. The Futures Broker shall not be responsible for any loss which may arise from non-nullification or non-revision thereof to the extent that it is not due to negligence of the Futures Broker.
  4. The Futures Broker shall reserve the right to decline the mandate of Client if the price offered or requested is not reasonable;
  5. The Client is solely responsible for the security and use of their username and password in dealing with futures trading transactions, for this purpose the Client is not allowed to inform, give or offer their username and password to any other party, including Futures Broker employee.

Anticipation of Goods Delivery

  1. For certain contracts, settlement of transactions can be made by goods delivery in case of due date of contract. The Client fully realizes that delivery of goods involves higher risk than liquidation of position by offset. Physical delivery of goods has a consequence of higher fund necessity and additional fee of good management.
  2. The Futures Broker shall not be responsible for classification of grade, quality or level of tolerance of commodity as delivered or to deliver.
  3. The implementation of delivery of goods shall be set forth and guaranteed by the Futures Clearing Institution

Obligation to Maintain Margin

  1. The Client shall maintain/fulfill Margin level that shall be available at the account of the Futures Broker pursuant to amount as stipulated whether or not so requested by the Futures Broker.
  2. In case of Call Margin, then the Futures Broker shall notify and request the Client to increase the Margin immediately.
  3. In case of Call Margin, then the Client shall be required to fulfill the Call Margin within not later than commencement of the next trading day. Obligation of the Client in relation to fulfillment of the Call Margin shall not be limited to total initial Margin.
  4. The Futures Broker shall not be obliged to perform the mandate to deal with new transaction of the Client before fulfillment of the Call Margin.
  5. Regarding fulfillment of the Call Margin and other financial liability of the Client, the Futures Broker may liquefy the Client’s fund as available at the Futures Broker.




Right of the Futures Broker to Liquidate the Client’s Position.

The Client shall be responsible to monitor/know his/her open position continuously and fulfill his/her obligation. If within a certain period of time, the fund as available at the Client’s account is less than that as already required, the Futures Broker may close the open position of the Client in its entirety or partially, limiting transaction, or other action to protect itself in fulfilling the said Margin by first notifying or without notifying the Client and the Futures Broker shall not be responsible for any loss arising from the said action.

Indemnity of Non-Delivery of Goods

If the Client is unable to deliver commodity in regard to Futures Contract which is already due, the Client shall authorize the Futures Broker to borrow or buy commodity to fulfill the requirements. The Client shall be required to pay immediately all fees, loss and premium already paid by the Futures Broker for the said action. If the Futures Broker should receive the delivery of commodity or securities, then the Client shall be responsible for the decrease of commodity of the securities.

Indemnity of Non Position Closing.

If the Client is unable to close any transaction which is already due, then the Futures Broker shall close the transaction in Futures Market. The Client should pay fees, including fee for loss and premium already paid by the Futures Broker, and if the Client fails to pay the fees, the Futures Broker shall be entitled to take the payment from the Client’s fund.

The Futures Broker May Limit Position.

The Client acknowledges the right of Futures Broker to limit open position of the Futures Contract of the Client and the Client will not deal with transaction exceeding limit already stipulated.

No Guarantee of Information and Recommendation.

The Client acknowledges that:

  1. Information and recommendation as given by the Futures Broker to the Client is not always complete and instead needs verification.
  2. The Futures Broker does not guarantee that information and recommendation as already given is accurate and full information.
  3. Information and recommendation as given by one and another Representative of the Futures Broker may be different due to difference in fundamental or technical analysis. The Client fully realizes that there is a possibility that the Futures Broker or its affiliated party has position in market and gives inconsistent recommendation to the Client.

Limitation of Responsibility of the Futures Consultant.

  1. The Futures Broker shall not be responsible to give evaluation to any Client with regard to climate, market, political condition and national and international economy, value of Futures contract, collateral, or give advice on market condition. The Futures Broker shall only give service to deal with transaction honestly as well as give report of the said transaction.
  2. Trading can at anytime be stopped by any authorities without first notifying the Client. Regarding open position which may still be held by the Clients upon stoppage of such trading, then it shall be liquidated based on regulation/rules as issued and stipulated by the authorized party, and all losses as well as fees arising from the stoppage of transaction by the authorized party of such trading, shall be fully borne and the responsibility of the Client.


Transaction shall Fulfill the Prevailing Regulation.

All transactions whether made by the Client on his/her own or through the Futures Broker shall fulfill legislation in Futures Trading sector, official practice and interpretation as stipulated by Regulatory Agency.

The Futures Trading shall not be responsible for Failure of Communication.

The Futures Broker shall not be responsible for any delay or non punctuality




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