Free SWAP and No Commission
No daily charges of swap and commission (positive or negative). So, the client doesn’t get any extra income or suffer negative profit.

Swap Free benefits

Our STP Account based on, Islamic account that available for Moslim Clients.
Swap Free feature eliminates any charges of swap commission (positive or negative) for overnight positions.
It also simplifies the long-term trading strategies because your SWAP is always equal to 0, regardless of your transaction way.

Start trading Swap Free now

Step 1
Open Salma Markets account
Step 2
Activate Swap Free feature
Step 3
Trade and profit!

EUR/USD overnight trading example

Let’s suppose the American Central Bank interest rate is 1.5%, and the deposit rate of the European Central Bank is 0.5%.

You don’t need to face any difficulties trading. Activate our Swap Free service and earn with pleasure and comfort!

If you borrow $100,000 from the Central Bank of America to deposit €95,000 to your account in the Central Bank of Europe, then each time transferring positions through midnight you'll pay 1.5% rate for your loan and receive 0.5% interest on your deposit.

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